”It Must Be the Gas”: A Journey Inside Todd’s Broken Brain

In this special Driplet, Anita gives Todd the chance to share his narrative of injury and recovery. After suffering a hemorrhagic stroke in February of 2020, Todd had to learn to read again while teaching a literature class, living away from his partner, and dealing with the fallout of a pandemic. In this funny, but personal episode, Anita and Todd explore the challenges of illness and recovery, and what it means when an injury manifests itself as an inability to read or remember names and faces. Eventually they weigh in on the ongoing debate over science of reading vs. reading recovery teaching pedagogy — something Todd became obsessed with shortly after he learned to read again. You won’t want to miss this chance to venture inside the illogical mind of one of the spoilers . . .

Mentioned During the Show

Todd thanks...


Books/Media Mentioned in the Show:
  • Emma, Ava, and Stephanie Lawrence
  • YouTube Kids
  • The Stroke Center at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN
  • Olga Herrerra, Heather Bouwman, Lucy Saliger, Michael Raimondi, and the entire English Department at University of St Thomas in St. Paul. MN
  • My students from ENGL 337 (Speculative Black Fiction), spring 2020.

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