Driplet #2: Tunnel Vision: Jordan Peele’s US


We’re calling this a Driplet, but it’s actually more of a teenage Drip about to head off to college. So if you’ve got the time, buckle up and listen to the Spoilers get all tied up in hilarious knots arguing about Jordan Peele’s new movie, US. I mean, they go deep, deep down into the underground trying to figure out what Peele is up to. There’s confusion, resentment, skepticism, and even anger — but in the end, The Spoilers give in and join everyone else holding hands across America for US. As a bonus, Todd speaks French, does a questionable Red voice, and recommends Antoine Fisher. Absolutely no one approves. You won’t want to miss this rip-roaring episode unless you are an older person who hasn’t yet seen the movie (SUPER DUPER SPOILER ALERT) or you live in a very white, modern-style house and say “vodka thirty.” Otherwise, grab a golf club and join the fun as the Spoilers battle to the end of humanity! (Was that a wabbit I just saw?)

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