Episode 47: Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

Photo by Sian Trenberth

The Spoilers are back with an episode about Charmaine Wilkerson’s worthy novel, Black Cake — just in time for the Hulu release of the series on November 1st. If you haven’t read the book, all you have to do is listen to our episode and you’ll be ready to watch whatever Oprah ends up doing for this adaptation. As for us, we have a lot to say about this sprawling novel. There’s a lot we love and some things we don’t, but one thing cannot be denied — this book got us to thinking: love, family, secrets . . . oh man, those secrets! Don’t miss this one, folks. You just might learn some some things you didn’t know about the Spoilers, themselves!

Mentioned in the Show

What the Spoilers are up to!

Mentioned in the Show:

  • Crystal: Mali Music, God Be Praised (album)
  • Todd: Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, Chain Gang All-Stars: A Novel
  • Anita: Mr. Queen (Netflix)

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